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Your #1 source for high-quality Japanese auto parts with the BEST prices in Northern California. 

Venus Imports is committed to providing customers with the best quality products in the marketplace and has established a reputation for personalized customer services. Our team in Sacramento, California and as well as our team in Fukuoka, Japan, are making the best effort to find the best, highest and unique products to meet the customer satisfaction.

With the vast knowledge and experiences when it comes to your project, we can help you find a solution that matches your needs. If there is something we don't know; we'll do our best and find out.

When you put your trust in Venus Imports; you're putting your trust in a JDM company that puts your satisfaction above all else.

Please browse through our website through any category or section that might lead you to a product of your choice. If you have any questions about inventory please give us a call at 1 (916) 386-2286 or send us an email at venusimports916@gmail.com

Since we can't capture our complete inventory online; we welcome all inquiries and are happy to assist you as best we can!

Our Mission

  • Quality customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Best low mileage engines
  • Continuous improvement
  • Live inventory